Limited Engagement:

16 weeks only!

Broadway Performances Begin October 19, 2017

John Leguizamo

Returns to Broadway

Uproarious, uncensored, and undeniably entertaining, the theatrical powerhouse is back on Broadway in his new one-man tour de force performance.

A sold-out run at The Public Theater. A record-breaking engagement at Berkeley Repertory Theatre. Universal critical and audience acclaim. Chalk it all up to the mad genius of Emmy Award winner John Leguizamo.

When his son gets a school assignment on heroes, John seizes the chance to teach him all about the great figures of the Latino world. But once he sets out on his irreverent crash course across three continents and 3000 years of history—from conquistadores to cumbia, Montezuma to Menudo, and taking on the characters in all of it—he uncovers provocative truths that shock even him.